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Call for proofreaders and beta testers for 19.03 [Announcements] (7)

We get lots of contributors in Nixpkgs and NixOS who modify our source code. They are the most common type of contribution we receive. But, there is actually a great need for other types of contributions that don’t invol…

About the Announcements category [Announcements] (1)
NixOS 19.03 feature freeze ( 2 3 ) [Announcements] (44)
Nix-dns: A Nix DSL for DNS zone files [Announcements] (1)
The NixOS Cache is now hosted by Fastly! [Announcements] (18)
Announcing Mixnix - Build Elixir projects with Nix [Announcements] (3)
Announcing Rebar32nix [Announcements] (1)
Nix-lsp: Language server for nix [Announcements] (5)
RFC 41: SELinux Support is open for shepherd nomination [RFC Announcements] (1)
Announcing Cachix private binary caches and 0.2.0 release [Announcements] (5)
NixOS Merchandise report [Announcements] (6)
I succeeded in running Nix on Android (now without Termux!) [Announcements] (3)
Introducing NUR - the Nix User Repostory || Share all your nix expressions! [Announcements] (19)
Nix-user-chroot: rust-rewrite [Announcements] (7)
New RFCs 40 ("Ret-cont" recursive Nix) open for shepherd nominations [RFC Announcements] (1)
Shepherds chosen for RFC 34: Expression Integrity [RFC Announcements] (1)
Show Discourse: A RISC-V Emulator, built using Nix [Announcements] (1)
NixOS Foundation participating in EU's Next Generation Internet initiative [Announcements] (5)
Shepherds chosen for RFC 13, 17 and 39 [RFC Announcements] (1)
RFCs 31 and 34 open for shepherd nominations [RFC Announcements] (1)
New project: mobile-nixos [progress thread] [Announcements] (20) can now run builds in a NixOS image [Announcements] (6)
RFC 17 open for shepherd nominations: Intensional Store [RFC Announcements] (1)
New RFC 39 open for shepherd nominations: unprivileged maintainer team [RFC Announcements] (1)
Easy to use nixos image generators [Announcements] (4)
RFC 13 open for shepherd nominations: Ergonomic `cmakeFlags` [RFC Announcements] (3)
OfBorg is Now Requesting Reviews of Maintainers [Announcements] (2)
Unms-nix: Ubiquiti Network Management System for Nix/NixOS [Announcements] (1)
RFC 0036 - Improving the RFC process [RFC Announcements] (2)
Nix-review: 1.0.0 [Announcements] (8)